3 July 2016

The EU referendum result now seems like a bad dream that we are waking up from.

We will have a new Tory Prime Minister by early September, then the decision about the timing of invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty that will start the negotiations to leave.

At the moment we do not know what the policy direction or negotiating wish-list will be with the new person in charge. Or how the Constitutional issues will be dealt with. Or what the attitude of the EU countries will be. Or what will happen in elections in France, Germany and others.

During the coming months there will continue to be much uncertainty in our country. The commercial world will have to make decisions based on unknowns. And the Leave campaign's 'promises' are falling apart.

There will, however, be one certainty everyone can count on. The Liberal Democrats will continue to be pro Europe and stand up for the 48% who voted Remain. We accept that the EU is not perfect, and needs some reform, but think that it is where we should be.

We wanted to have influence on the inside, not to be impotent on the outside. We wanted to make decisions in cooperation with other people. We want a different future than the Brexiters, and we will always fight for that.

Nick Clegg has called for there to be a General Election before Article 50 is invoked, and Tim Farron has said that he will campaign to return to the EU.

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Tim Farron's message (24 June 2016)

I am devastated and I am angry. Today we wake to a deeply divided country. Nigel Farage’s vision for Britain has won this vote, but it is not a vision I share.

Young people voted to remain by a considerable margin, but were out voted. They had a clear ambition for their future, yet it has been taken from them.

Even though the result was close, there is no doubt that the majority of British people want us to leave.

We should be proud of our positive, principled, and patriotic campaign for the UK to Remain at the heart of Europe.

Our fight for an open, optimistic, liberal, diverse and tolerant Britain is needed now more than ever.

Together we can still make the case for Britain’s future with Europe, as millions of people voted for it. Together we cannot afford to let that vision to die.

The Liberal Democrats will continue to stand and fight for a better kind of Britain than the one painted by the Leave campaign - tolerant, openhearted, optimistic, and outward looking.

Later today, I will deliver a speech on the outcome of this referendum, what it means for our country and how the Liberal Democrats will continue to fight for a liberal and united Britain. 

Yours sincerely,


Tim Farron MP

Leader of the Liberal Democrats


Local EU referendum voting Romsey and Southampton North

Remain 17,057 xxx 50.7% xxxx Leave xx 16,601 xxx 49.3 % xxxx Voidxx 19 xxxx Total xx 33,677

Liberal Democrat membership has risen by over 20,000 since June 24th

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